This Site is done to show my and other people thoughts about metal. You can read the articles that I wrote and will write concerning metal, from a metal fan who has intelligent things to say. If you want something to be published here, your opinion about anything that has to do with metal e-mail me at and I will see if it is worth of this site. You will find mostly things about Power Metal since it is my favourite genre, but I am open to Traditional, Trash, Death, Black, Rock and Roll and all music. There is also the reviews section of the CDs I buy or anyone send me (mail me for that again) and  the shows I attend to. The purpose is to create discussion, so mail me if you want to say your opinion or write an article and send it in, or leave a message in the guestbook.


Updates: Articles: Stratovarius and the fight against piracy. Album Reviews: Nightwish - Century Child. Links: The Bard's Guild

My university classes are over for this year, so I hope I will find more time to update. Please check the site and help the little sword down there get its numbers up!  Thank you.



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